100g chicken breast
1 egg
Proper amount of starch
Right amount of white pepper
Moderate salt
Proper amount of vegetable oil
Proper amount of ketchup


Step 1
Wash chicken breast and cut into strips.

Step 2
Put the chicken into a bowl, add a little salt, starch and white pepper, mix well and marinate for about 15 minutes.

Step 3
Heat the wok and pour in the vegetable oil.

Step 4
After the oil is hot, add the marinated shredded chicken and fry it slowly over low heat.

Step 5
Deep fry the chicken until golden. Remove and drain.

Step 6
Turn the fire, oil smoke, the chicken back to the pot fried.

Step 7
Deep fry until the chicken is slightly scorched. Remove and drain.

Step 8
With ketchup, done.

Step 9
Or tomato sauce, water, starch mixture, low heat boil into sauce, sprinkle on the chicken. Done.