Fried chicken is delicious, but it’s unhealthy to eat it outside. Chowhound, I’m sure I’m home cooked, delicious and healthy. My official account of WeChat is warm.


2 pieces of chicken breast
1 egg
50g flour
50g bread bran
2 slices of cheese
Right amount of black pepper
Moderate salt
Appropriate amount of chicken essence
1 lemon


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients first

Step 2
Let's cut the chicken breast from the middle with a knife and divide it into two parts, but not all of them. Please refer to the picture for details. After cutting, beat the chicken horizontally and vertically with the back of a knife, then sprinkle with black pepper, lemon juice, salt, chicken essence, and put it on the plate for 15 minutes. So it's cured

Step 3
Take out the marinated chicken breast and put a piece of cheese in the middle

Step 4
Wrap a layer of white flour or starch, each side should be wrapped full, the corners should not fall

Step 5
And then it's covered with the egg

Step 6
Finally, it was covered with bread bran

Step 7
After all done, burn oil 70% heat, start frying chicken chops, double fried well