Crisp outside and tender inside, low oil and delicious. Microwave method instead of frying, the practice is more healthy, delicious but no less Oh, with tomato sauce, sweet and sour appetizer, like to eat chicken chops you must try!


500 g chicken breast
Two spoonfuls of cooking wine
Two spoonfuls Fresh
A little salt
A spoonful Sugar
Appropriate amount of corn starch
An egg
Appropriate amount of bread bran
appropriate amount ketchup
A spoonful of black pepper


Step 1
Wash the chicken breast, slice the thick part into two pieces, and loosen the meat with the back of the knife.

Step 2
Add all the ingredients except ketchup.

Step 3
Massage the chicken by hand continuously to make the seasoning evenly spread and fully absorbed by the chicken, and then marinate for more than 1 hour.

Step 4
Then wrap in the egg mixture.

Step 5
The cured chicken is covered with corn starch.

Step 6
Finally, wrap in bread crumbs.

Step 7
Put it in the microwave oven, bite it for 7-10 minutes, turn it over.

Step 8
Cut the grilled chicken into pieces and sprinkle with tomato sauce.

Step 9
Try it together. It's delicious.