Crispy cashew nuts


300g cashew nuts
4 tbsp sugar


Step 1
Cashew 300 grams

Step 2
4 tbsp sugar

Step 3
Wash cashew nuts, add sugar, and pour proper amount of water into the pot

Step 4
Boil over medium low heat until water is dry. Cover cashew nuts with syrup

Step 5
Oil the plate (to prevent the syrup from sticking to the bottom) put the cooked cashew nuts into the plate and let cool (usually I cook them in the evening and fry them the next morning)

Step 6
Put oil in the pan. Add cold oil into the cashew nuts. Deep fry over low heat until golden brown. Drain the oil

Step 7
Spread out a piece of kitchen paper on the table and spread the fried cashew nuts evenly. After 2 hours, the cashew nuts can be put into the sealed jar

Step 8
I feel it will be more crispy after eating overnight