Combine the salty aroma of roast meat with the milk aroma of cream to create an unexpected taste.


2 kebabs
Spaghetti for 2 people
2 slices of cabbage
15 ml cream
Proper amount of black pepper
15ml ketchup
10ml chili sauce
Proper amount of water
Right amount of onion


Step 1
Dice the barbecue, cabbage and onion.

Step 2
Cook noodles for 10 minutes.

Step 3
Another pot, add butter, add onion, stir fry, then add cabbage and barbecue.

Step 4
Add ketchup.

Step 5
Add the chili sauce.

Step 6
After the fire kept stirring, it turned into a small fire.

Step 7
Add cream.

Step 8
Add water.

Step 9
Add pasta and stir.

Step 10
You can eat.