Liusha bag is a traditional and famous snack in Guangdong Province. It has flexible taste, rich wheat flavor and high nutritional value.


500g big bag powder
3 G yeast
75 g Sugar
180 grams of water
20G oil
15g condensed milk
250 ml Jinsha soup core
100 ml lard
75 g water


Step 1
The ingredients are ready

Step 2
First, make a large bag of dough, put the ingredients in the main ingredients into the bread maker, knead them into dough, and ferment them for later use

Step 3
When the dough is fermented, make cream filling: put the filling powder into the container, add 100g lard and 75g water, stir well and freeze

Step 4
The dough is ready to ferment

Step 5
Put it on the dusted panel to exhaust

Step 6
Divide into equal parts and round them

Step 7
Roll the dough into a circle

Step 8
Scoop a scoop of Jinsha stuffing in the middle

Step 9
Wrap it up and close it

Step 10
Close the mouth down, cover with plastic wrap, twice the size of the second hair

Step 11
Put the steamed buns into the steamer and steam them

Step 12
It's hot to serve