This white clam is pulled out and made into pimple soup with meat soup. It’s not very delicious. How to clean it to completely wash away the sediment? I’ll teach you.


3 kg clams
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Clean the skin of clams, put enough water, sprinkle salt and let it stand for more than half a day

Step 2
Look at all the little tongues sticking out, it means that they are fresh and spit out very well

Step 3
Rinse with clean water several times

Step 4
Put it in a wok and add water over the clams

Step 5
Boil for another 2 minutes

Step 6
Take it out

Step 7
It's not too hot. Chop out the meat

Step 8
Put the clam meat in clear water and stir it in one direction with chopsticks

Step 9
Pour out the water

Step 10
Repeat washing for 3 times, and there is basically no sediment

Step 11
The original clam soup is preserved after precipitation. It is absolutely unique to make seafood pimple soup.