Steamed bread is a kind of pasta steamed from the fermented flour. Generally, only yeast is added for fermentation, and yeast is also beneficial to human body. Therefore, it can be said that steamed bread is a natural food without additives, and there is no need to worry about additives. Therefore, the nutritional value is relatively high.


500g flour
6 g yeast
100g corn flour
1g salt
3 g Sugar
300g meat stuffing
100ml cucumber juice


Step 1
Cucumber juice and corn dough and wake up for more than 3 hours

Step 2
After the hair is ready, rub the strips and cut the knots

Step 3
Roll round

Step 4
Wrap in minced meat filling

Step 5
Wrap it up like dumplings and rub it into an ellipse

Step 6
Press out the outline of the corn with a knife

Step 7
Then roll the cucumber juice dough into an oval shape

Step 8
Half cut

Step 9
Press out the strip with a knife

Step 10
Cover the corn with a piece

Step 11
Cover it with another piece

Step 12
With a small tail inside, the whole corn comes out. Put it in a steamer to wake up for 15 minutes, boil it and steam it for 15 minutes

Step 13
Out of the pot