There is not much glutinous rice left in wine brewing. I want to make use of it and make a meat ball. I also like glutinous rice very much. I miss my sister and my mother. They both like glutinous rice more than I do. Glutinous rice control.


200g pork
60g glutinous rice
45g corn
30g celery
10g raw soy sauce
2G salt
8g cooking wine
12g egg white
5g sugar
10g Lycium barbarum


Step 1
When the materials are ready, cut the meat and celery for standby. Soak the glutinous rice for one night. If the time is in a hurry, soak it for at least 3 hours

Step 2
Minced meat is smoked and pickled with cooking wine for a while. Mix the minced corn and celery evenly and let it taste for 5 minutes

Step 3
Wrap meat balls and roll around in glutinous rice. All of them are stained with glutinous rice particles. Put them on the steamer and steam for at least 25-30 minutes. You can see the maturity of glutinous rice to determine the specific time

Step 4
be accomplished