Corn burger is sweet, crisp and waxy. It’s very delicious. In the past, if you wanted to eat corn burger, you could only go to a restaurant. Since you learned to do it yourself, you can do it at any time and eat it at any time, not to mention how pleasant it is! \N today’s corn dessert uses organic, ecological, healthy and fresh grandpa waxy corn, fresh sweet and soft waxy, and it’s cooked. It’s just suitable for corn baking.


1 grandpa waxy corn
3 tablespoons potato starch
1 tsp white granulated sugar
Appropriate salad dressing
About 50ml edible oil


Step 1
Remove the corn kernels.

Step 2
Break the corn grains that are stuck together.

Step 3
Rinse and drain to wet the corn grains and better wrap the starch.

Step 4
Add 3 tablespoons potato starch and mix evenly to make each corn starch.

Step 5
Don't fire first, spread the corn kernels in a non stick pan, and keep them close to each other as much as possible. Pour in edible oil, the amount of oil should be larger, so that the starch is basically wet by oil.

Step 6
Turn on a low heat and fry slowly. Turn / shake the pot from time to time to heat evenly. Fry until all the corn grains form a "big cake", sprinkle 1 tablespoon of sugar when sliding in the pot, continue to fry until golden, and turn off the fire when there is a burning smell.

Step 7
Place oil absorbent paper on the plate, put corn pancake on it, squeeze salad sauce on it, and finish.

Step 8
Good mountain, good water, good corn, Grandpa waxy corn.