It’s simple and fast. It’s ready in about 10 minutes. It’s best to make breakfast. Everyone at home likes it very much.


1 corn
5 g Bacon
10g peas
1 egg
10g flour
1 g oil
1g salt


Step 1
Peel the corn into granules and put it in a bowl with the peeled peas.

Step 2
Dice the bacon into a bowl and mix well with corn and peas.

Step 3
Beat in an egg, add flour and salt and stir until thick.

Step 4
First heat the pot, then brush it with a layer of oil, pour in the stirred corn batter, fry it slowly over a low heat, fry it until the surface solidifies and the bottom turns brown, then turn it over and fry it again.

Step 5
The soft and fragrant corn pancakes are ready.