Pine nuts and corn is a classic match, coupled with cucumber, carrot, Huaishan and other ingredients, not only comprehensive nutrition, but also rich color, can enhance children’s appetite.


30g pine nuts
150g pork
1 cucumber
Two corn
Half a carrot
30 g yam
Moderate amount of olive oil
Moderate salt
Appropriate amount of white granulated sugar
Appropriate amount of corn starch


Step 1
Prepare all the ingredients

Step 2
Cut the cucumber into small pieces and marinate for a while

Step 3
Cut corn, carrot, Huaishan, lean meat into small grains

Step 4
Add salt, sugar, corn starch and olive oil to the lean meat to taste

Step 5
Add olive oil in a hot pan

Step 6
Add corn kernels and salt

Step 7
Add appropriate amount of water. Add in huaishanli and lean meat. Cover and cook for one minute

Step 8
Add in the carrot. Cover the pan and continue to cook for two minutes

Step 9
Add cucumber seeds. Thicken corn starch with a little water

Step 10
Finally, sprinkle pine nuts