Corn flour, a noodle that I fell madly in love with recently, I used to eat corn flour in my hometown, but at that time it was hard to cook, and then it was easy to rot. in short, it didn’t taste very good, so I didn’t eat it later, but the taste of corn flour was very delicate, and I couldn’t paste the soup if I cooked it in water for a while. Generally, I could pick it up and eat it in a minute, Very convenient. In the recent breakfast, I made corn flour in a different way. I like soup noodles, but the children like mixed noodles, so cut the side dishes according to his preference the night before. The next morning, one pot of fried vegetables and one pot of boiled noodles can finish the breakfast in three or five minutes. It’s very convenient.


200g corn flour
50g eggs
50g kimchi
40g chrysanthemum vegetable
20G chives
30g Bacon
20G oyster sauce
50g carrot
20ml raw extract
1g salt


Step 1
Cut all the side dishes and set aside. Put a little oil in the pot. Fry the egg liquid into egg skin and cut into shreds

Step 2
Put the oil in the pot, add the shallots and stir fry until fragrant

Step 3
Add carrots and stir fry until soft, then add bean sprouts and chrysanthemum stems

Step 4
Add shredded bacon and vegetable leaves. Season with oyster sauce and salt

Step 5
Mix well

Step 6
Put water in another pot and bring to a boil. Add salt and cook corn noodles until soft

Step 7
Take out the cooked noodles, put some soy sauce and mix well

Step 8
Put the vegetables on the noodles and mix well when eating