This is a must eat dish in Northeast China in winter. Vegetable cakes, especially pickled cabbage stuffing, all raw materials are pollution-free and green food in the whole process. They are all from relatives in rural areas. Pickled cabbage is pickled with Chinese cabbage, and corn flour is ground with corn, including pork and green onions.


300g corn flour
500g pork streaky pork
Random white flour
A pickled cabbage
50 scallion flowers
A piece of ginger
Five garlic
3 g salt
10ml soy sauce


Step 1
Prepare white corn flour for cabbage cake

Step 2
If you like fat, you can prepare more fat meat to taste better.

Step 3
Wash the pickled cabbage and shred it

Step 4
Cut the onion, ginger and garlic well

Step 5
Live the noodles with cold water and add white flour to make them strong to eat.

Step 6
Chop up the meat and separate the fat from the lean

Step 7
Chop the pickled cabbage. Then squeeze the soup out.

Step 8
Put the fat meat in the pot and fry the lard, and then fry the lean meat. In this way, the fried meat is more delicious.

Step 9
Put the vegetables and meat together and put in proper conditioning, salt and soy sauce. Try not to put thirteen spices and stir with lard of fried meat

Step 10
Put the onion, ginger and garlic together and mix well.

Step 11
Knead the live stuffing into a circle. It's better when you pack.

Step 12
Flattened it with a piece of corn flour.

Step 13
Wrap a piece of stuffing in.

Step 14
Wrapping the stuffing with corn flour is not easy to master.

Step 15
Put the wrapped vegetable cake into the electric cake pan. Brush some oil on the electric cake pan so that there is a thin layer of pimples.

Step 16
Heat for 17 to 20 minutes. Add some water properly and you'll succeed