A vegetable roll especially suitable for summer. It wraps all kinds of vegetables with Vietnamese rice skin. It can cool and relieve the summer heat in summer.


5 Vietnamese rice skins
Half a carrot
Half a cucumber
A little purple cabbage
A little bubble black fungus
Sesame garlic paste
A little sesame oil


Step 1
Prepare the vegetables and wash them. Blanch the soaked black fungus first and then use it

Step 2
Shred all vegetables and black fungus

Step 3
Open sesame paste with oyster sauce, soy sauce and cold boiled water, then add a spoonful of mashed garlic and an appropriate amount of sesame oil and mix well

Step 4
Prepare a large plate, put an appropriate amount of cold boiled water, and soak Vietnamese rice peel in water to make it soft.

Step 5
The soaked rice skin is spread on the chopping board and covered with all kinds of shredded vegetables

Step 6
Wrap the vegetables like a quilt

Step 7
Sesame paste is placed in a small bowl, rice and vegetable rolls are placed on the plate, dipped in sesame paste when eating, refreshing and appetizing.