Boiled beef is a famous dish in Sichuan. It is smooth, tender, spicy and delicious. It has a strong local flavor. It is the main dish in Sichuan restaurant.
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500g beef leg
Five octagons
2 cinnamon
4 slices of ginger
3 cloves garlic
8 ~ 10 dry pepper sections
Pepper noodles
Proper raw pumping
Moderate old smoke
Proper amount of chili noodles
Pepper noodles
Appropriate amount of cumin powder
A little aged vinegar
A little sugar


Step 1
[materials] 350g beef tenderloin, a cabbage core, half an egg, 6 scallions, 15 dried peppers (Please add a small amount of peppers according to your personal taste, I don't like spicy, and I can add more if you like spicy), 15 pepper, 6 cloves of garlic, 1 small piece of ginger, 2 spoons of bean paste, 2 spoons of salt, 0.5 spirit cup of raw soy sauce, 2 spoons of sugar, 1 spoonful of chicken essence, 2 spoonfuls of starch, 0.5 spirit cup of cooking wine 400ml water, a little soy sauce [tools] Tupperware wok, Tupperware multi-purpose pot, Tupperware small whirlwind boiled beef steps: 1. Prepare the raw materials, wash the beef tenderloin, cut it into thick slices about 0.5cm thick with Tupperware slice knife, and then pat the beef fiber loose with the back of the knife to make the beef more tender;

Step 2
The pickling of beef is also very important. Put the beaten beef slices into a bowl, add rice wine, sugar, soy sauce, starch, egg liquid and salt, and stir evenly; Then add a small amount of water from the two spirit cups to the mixed meat slices for many times, and gently stir it clockwise with your hands or chopsticks. After eating the water, add a little water. Be sure to remember that the water should not be added too much at one time, but bit by bit. You can add water five to six times; When you feel that the beef has been soaked and the beef slices are elastic when pinched by hand, the beef slices are basically pickled; If there is water oozing from the beef, it is necessary to beat the overflowing water into the meat clockwise. Finally, pour 1 spirit cup of vegetable oil to wrap the beef. This is to lock the water in the beef, so that the beef slices will be smoother and tender, and will not adhere to each other; Beef should be pickled for at least half an hour;

Step 3
Rinse the cabbage with Nami purified water, put it into Tupperware multi-purpose pot, cover the pot, use the anhydrous cooking function of the multi-purpose pot, stew the cabbage soft, put it into a large bowl and put it at the bottom for standby;

Step 4
Ginger and garlic are put into Tupperware whirlwind and pulled into pieces. The scallion is cut into large sections and the pepper is cut into two sections. If you don't like it too spicy, you can remove the pepper seeds. If you can eat it especially spicy, you don't need to remove it;

Step 5
After the Tupperware wok is fully preheated, add an appropriate amount of vegetable oil. When the oil is hot to 30%, stir fry with pepper first, then stir fry with pepper until the spicy flavor comes out, and then put the pepper and pepper into a bowl for standby;

Step 6
There is bottom oil in the Tupperware frying pan, pour in 2 tablespoons of bean paste and half of the ginger and garlic powder, stir slowly over a low fire to stir fry the red oil, add the green onion section, pour in about 300 ml of hot water, add an appropriate amount of salt, a little soy sauce (I don't add soy sauce here, the color of the finished product is lighter), boil over a high fire, and add the pickled beef slices, Slowly use a spatula to scratch and scatter until the meat is broken, and then turn off the fire;

Step 7
Pour all the boiled beef slices into a large bowl paved with cabbage, put the fragrant pepper and pepper on it, and then put the remaining ginger and garlic powder. In addition, take the Tupperware milk pot, pour an appropriate amount of vegetable oil, heat it, quickly pour it on the ginger, garlic and pepper, cook the fragrance of the material, and the boiled beef is done.

Step 8
It's not difficult to make boiled beef by yourself. The key is that the materials are safer and healthier. Give it a try.