I am Momo hemp, Momo’s eating and sleeping problems are the top priority in my opinion. For such a big child, it must be fun to eat and sleep well. Before the baby is two years old, it is not recommended to eat with adults. In fact, complementary food is very simple. Watching Momo eat with great satisfaction, I feel like it’s so good to be a novice hemp!


A handful of noodles
6 prawns
One eighth fat tofu
Eight green vegetable leaves


Step 1
Is it very clear that the materials are not complicated? Before you see it, I've cleaned up the prawns, removed their heads and scalded them. It's not recommended to take too long. It's easy for the meat to get old. If it changes color, it can be picked up for use. At this time, tofu, vegetables, colorful slim appearance, are not as high as shrimp sauce

Step 2
At the end of the day, except for noodles, I didn't escape the "deformation" barrier. I only left leaves for vegetables. After all, my baby is still young, and my chewing ability is not enough to fight against the stem of vegetables; Shrimp shredding, can be large or small, depending on your baby mouth "teeth Street" preparation state; Bean curd was scraped a few times by a knife, and that's it. In fact, it's OK to make a big piece. When I made it, I didn't think too much about it. I made a mistake.

Step 3
Warm tips: if you are not familiar with the degree of cooked noodles, you can choose to soak for a while before cooking, up to five minutes; Baby's special walnut oil, shrimp, stir fry, add water, noodles, bean curd, vegetables, almost out of the pot, to some baby's special edible salt, you can imagine, your baby has a good mouth.