This dish is an improved version of the traditional dish “pine nut corn”. The raw materials are simple and easy to obtain, and the operation is not difficult. The finished product has changeable colors, rich taste and salty taste. It is very suitable for novices to learn and make.


300g corn (fresh)
100g green beans
80g carrots
50g ham
6 tablespoons vegetable oil
Proper amount of salt
A little chicken essence
A little green onion


Step 1
Corn kernels and green beans are thawed in advance, carrots and ham are diced for use

Step 2
Blanch diced carrots in boiling water, cool and set aside

Step 3
Heat the wok, add 6 tablespoons vegetable oil and saute scallion

Step 4
Put all the raw materials in at one time, stir fry over high heat for about 3 minutes, heat and fry thoroughly; Stir in an appropriate amount of salt and a little chicken essence, stir well and bring out of the pot