At the age of 30, I found that my face was getting darker and darker. Although I kept exercising and my body was still under 100 kg, my face looked old. It’s no wonder that people often say that “I’m a yellow faced woman after 30”. This is really not nonsense.


6 sea stone flowers
Proper amount of minced ginger and garlic
Three small red peppers
Two tablespoons of red oil
A spoonful of pepper oil
A spoonful of raw soy sauce


Step 1
The fresh sea stone flower is very salty. Shake off a large amount of salt on the surface first.

Step 2
Put in a lot of water, soak and scrub repeatedly to remove the saltiness as much as possible.

Step 3
The washed sea stone flower is very beautiful. I think it will be eaten by us in a moment. I can't help taking more pictures as a souvenir.

Step 4
another one piece.

Step 5
Boil a pot of water, put the treated sea stone flower into the boiling water pot and blanch for one minute.

Step 6
Take it out immediately. Don't boil the sea stone flower for too long. After burning for a long time, the mucus of the sea stone flower comes out, and the sticky taste is not very good

Step 7
Put the minced ginger, garlic and small red pepper into a bowl.

Step 8
Add red oil, soy sauce, vinegar, pepper oil and salt and marinate for about 10 minutes.

Step 9
Pour the marinated juice on the sea stone flower, mix well with chopsticks, sprinkle with Scallion for decoration, and then serve.