Sea cucumber is a kind of seafood with high nutritional value. In summer, the eating method of sea cucumber is cold sea cucumber, which is the most popular, and the nutrition will not be lost. The tender and smooth taste of sea cucumber Q will not change. Make a simple cold sea cucumber. Let’s go!


3 instant sea cucumbers
1 cucumber
A little carrot
15g raw extract
3 G sesame oil
5g chili oil
A little sea cucumber abalone sauce


Step 1
Prepare three ready to eat sea cucumber. If they are in the freezer, take them out in advance to thaw.

Step 2
Then rinse it with cold boiled water. Remember to use cold boiled water.

Step 3
Then cut it into large pieces. Don't eat too small, or you won't enjoy it, will you?

Step 4
Cut a cucumber and put it in a big bowl.

Step 5
Add some diced carrots to brighten the color, and then add sea cucumber and abalone juice. (this juice can also be kept.) then add a little raw smoke.

Step 6
Add a little sesame oil and a little chili oil (oil chili)

Step 7
Mix well and serve. "Like small fresh instant sea cucumber, take you to taste the delicacy on the tip of your tongue."