Liangpi, one of Shaanxi pasta, is a favorite pasta for my family. We can eat a lot of it every time. Although we are Cantonese, we also like spicy food and pasta. Therefore, there are more than Guangdong dishes on the table at home. The hot dishes and pasta I share on the food show are all made by myself. Today I’d like to share with you a Liangpi


500g flour
1 g salt
250 g purified water


Step 1
Put the flour, purified water and salt into the bread maker, and mix the flour into a ball according to the sequence and procedure

Step 2
Put the dough on a large plate and cover with plastic wrap for 20 minutes

Step 3
Then remove the plastic wrap, add water to the dough and wash the face

Step 4
Every time you want to wash the water to milky white, pour the water into another large plate and wash it repeatedly

Step 5
Until the water becomes clear, these are the two plates of water poured out. This is the most useful water

Step 6
Put it in a night, more than 10 hours, the water will gradually become the color of the picture

Step 7
Then slowly pour out the water, leaving the white sediment at the bottom

Step 8
Take the dish of steamed cold skin or steamed vermicelli and brush it with oil

Step 9
Stir the white sauce evenly with a spoon and spoon it into the plate

Step 10
When you start steaming, be sure to cover the pot until it is steamed

Step 11
The appearance of cold skin when the lid is opened immediately after steaming

Step 12
It's transparent in the hand

Step 13
It's steamed a lot

Step 14
Cut the ginger skin well

Step 15
Wash and cut the cucumber

Step 16
Then add your own chili sauce

Step 17
Mix together, like vinegar can also add vinegar, so a cold skin can be on the table