Pork has always been the most popular ingredient on our table. Compared with mutton and beef, pork can be said to be the most affordable meat. It is cheap and delicious. Pork plays a very important role in China’s major cuisines. Braised pork, Dongpo elbows, shredded pork with fish flavor, braised pork with plum vegetables, and pork as the main ingredient. Not only that, pig’s internal organs, stomach, large intestine, liver, lung and other things are often finely cooked and become delicacies on the table. It can be said that in China, eating meat is eating pork. Although the dietary structure of Chinese people has changed in recent years, the status of pork as the main meat is still unshakable.


3 pig tails
Proper amount of ginger
A spoonful of braised soy sauce
Proper raw extract
A spoonful of sesame oil
A spoonful of oil pepper
A spoonful of raw soy sauce
Proper cooking wine
Three small red peppers
Two parsley


Step 1
Wash the pig tail in clean water and drain the water.

Step 2
Heat the iron pot without oil, directly put the pig tail into the pot, burn it until the surface of the meat skin is slightly burnt yellow, and turn it over continuously while burning until the whole body of the tail is burned. In this way, the fine fluff on the surface of the pig tail can be removed, and the pig tail will not have peculiar smell.

Step 3
Soak the roasted pig tail in cold water until it cools slightly.

Step 4
Hang the charred skin carefully with a knife, so that the pig's tail can be handled.

Step 5
Put the treated pig tail into the casserole, pour in the water just below the pig tail, add a few pieces of ginger, sprinkle pepper particles, and drop cooking wine to remove the fishiness.

Step 6
Then pour in a spoonful of braised soy sauce and a few spoonfuls of raw soy sauce.

Step 7
Cover the pot and set the stew key. The whole process takes about two and a half hours.

Step 8
When the time comes, the pig tail is stewed. The soy sauce and raw soy sauce are just painted. The color is really attractive. The stewed pig tail obviously expands and the meat looks delicious. If the diet is light, you can serve it directly. The light raw soy sauce is especially addictive as a appetizing snack. My children like to eat it directly every time.

Step 9
If the taste is heavy, mix it again. Let's mix a cold sauce, a spoonful of raw soy sauce, half a spoonful of sesame oil, half a spoonful of small red oil, a spoonful of oil pepper, three small sharp corners, and sprinkle some sesame seeds.

Step 10
Mix all the sauces well, pour them on the pig tail, mix well, and sprinkle some coriander.

Step 11
Don't cut it. Just grab it and chew it.

Step 12
If you want to be polite, cut it into sections. When cutting, come along the joints and insert the knife from the interface of each joint. It's very easy to cut off the pig's tail one by one, which is particularly convenient. This is the most enjoyable way to eat in summer. With a bottle of beer, it's really a fairy day.