Sichuan cold noodles are always popular in summer. Very common noodles, with soy sauce, vinegar, cooked sesame seeds, garlic water, chili oil and other seasonings, have all kinds of flavors, rich taste, and taste very cool and refreshing.


500 noodles
700g flour
2 eggs
A little cucumber


Step 1
Flour + egg water, knead until there is no dry powder (I usually make noodles with a 5:2 ratio of flour and water. I feel very hard after kneading a few times, and even some dry powder and crumbs. It doesn't matter that I can't knead them together. Try to wrap the crumbs in a large dough and flatten it slightly with a rolling stick. Don't feel dry and add water.)

Step 2
Adjust the noodle machine to the first gear, plug the flat dough in, and then pull it out with the other hand at the bottom. After rolling a circle, you will find that it is very uneven. Don't worry, it will become smoother and smoother if you continue to roll several times.

Step 3
After each roll, dip in some dry flour, fold it, and roll again until it is smooth enough

Step 4
The noodle machine is changed to the cutting function, and the pressed dough is put in, and the noodles come out

Step 5
  It's easy to make noodles. Cook the noodles as usual. Add fragrant oil immediately after taking them out and use chopsticks to pick them up to prevent them from sticking

Step 6
Cut the cucumber into shreds for later use

Step 7
Mix soy sauce, salt, cooked sesame, chili oil, vinegar, garlic water and scallion into a sauce. Pour it on the noodles and mix well