Duck gizzards are cooked and mixed. They are great with wine and meals!


15 raw duck gizzards
Appropriate amount of coriander
Four millet peppers
A spoonful of cooked sesame
One bag
Two spoonfuls of raw soy sauce
Appropriate amount of balsamic vinegar
A little salt, chicken essence and sugar
Proper amount of chili oil
Proper cooking wine
Proper sesame oil
Two scallion sections
Proper ginger slices


Step 1
Clean the duck gizzards

Step 2
Boil the water and put it into the pot

Step 3
Add cooking wine and water and boil for 3 minutes

Step 4
Remove and wash with clean water

Step 5
Put cold water into the pot again and add cooking wine

Step 6
Add the ingredients and cook the scallions and ginger slices for about 30 minutes

Step 7
Chopsticks can be poked through and taken out to cool

Step 8

Step 9
Put in container

Step 10
Add shredded onion, spicy millet and coriander

Step 11
Two tablespoons of raw soy sauce, appropriate amount of balsamic vinegar, sesame oil, chili oil, cooked white sesame

Step 12
Mix evenly

Step 13