New year’s dish is a cold dish ~ Wufu is near the door. It sounds good and delicious. The five color materials represent the balance of the five elements, and the body is safe and lucky. It also means that five blessings come to the door and the wealth star shines high. The high setting plate is a blessing for everyone to rise step by step, get promoted and get rich. Everyone must be happy to smile. Pay attention to me and bring you delicious food making videos every day!


A Pleurotus eryngii
A carrot
Half a purple onion
A cucumber
Proper amount of fungus
Appropriate amount of coriander
Appropriate amount of sugar and salt
Appropriate amount of scallion and garlic
Proper amount of dry pepper
Proper amount of chili powder
It tastes delicious in moderation
Proper oyster sauce
Proper amount of aged vinegar
Appropriate amount of five spices and pepper
Proper sesame oil


Step 1
Shred Pleurotus eryngii, carrot, purple onion, fungus and cucumber.

Step 2
Blanch Pleurotus eryngii in water and set aside.

Step 3
The juice materials include: scallion and garlic, dried pepper, chili powder, delicious, oyster sauce, aged vinegar, five spice powder, chicken powder, sugar and salt.

Step 4
Add hot oil twice and explode all materials.

Step 5
Gently and evenly grasp and mix all materials to prepare the plate.

Step 6
Fold the materials high, add coriander and pour sesame oil on the table.