Coir raincoat cucumber


1 cucumber
3 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon soy sauce


Step 1
The main ingredients are shown in the figure, a cucumber.

Step 2
Cut off the head and tail, wash off the skin, use two chopsticks to lean on both sides of the cucumber and clamp it.

Step 3
Then cut it 90 degrees vertically with a big knife, and cut it to the top to chopsticks. The thickness of each piece shall be as thin as possible.

Step 4
After cutting, rotate 180 degrees and cut the cucumber obliquely. Similarly, cut it to the top to chopsticks.

Step 5
Then it's time to witness miracles, slowly pull away from both sides.

Step 6
Circle into the shape of "Panlong".

Step 7
Mix sauce with soy sauce and minced garlic

Step 8
Just pour it on it, and the coir raincoat cucumber is ready~