Rich in vitamins and protein, oil-free and sugar free, it is suitable for a dish during weight loss


220g chicken breast
2 cucumbers
150g bean sprouts
Half a carrot
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of vinegar
Appropriate amount of monosodium glutamate
Proper raw extract
Proper amount of chili powder
Appropriate amount of garlic
Right amount of onion
Proper amount of ginger
Proper cooking wine


Step 1
Prepare a piece of chicken breast, cut off the fat and oil, and cut an appropriate amount of onion and ginger for use

Step 2
Open the water into the chicken breast, remove the fishy smell with onion, ginger and cooking wine, cook until the chopsticks can be easily pierced through, take it out, let it cool and tear it into silk for standby

Step 3
Blanch bean sprouts, translucent, take out cold water, shred carrots and cucumbers for standby (shredded carrots can also be blanched, adjusted according to personal taste)

Step 4
Put all ingredients together, add minced garlic, salt, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, vinegar and chili powder, and mix well