I bought some celery the other day and wanted to make dumplings. Fortunately, it was put in a bag and refrigerated in the refrigerator. Yesterday, I found that the leaves were a little wilted. My husband took off the leaves and put them in a convenience bag to throw them out. I quickly grabbed them back. It’s a pity. Celery leaves are good things. Its nutritional value is much higher than celery stems, Many people don’t know how to throw it away. It can dispel fat and reduce blood pressure, nourish the liver, diuresis and detumescence, calm the mind and remove trouble, strengthen bones, dredge blood, inhibit cancer and resist tumor.


1 small pot of celery leaves
3 cloves garlic
4 tbsp vegetable oil
1 dry red pepper
Proper amount of salt
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp rice vinegar
A little chicken powder


Step 1
Wash and soak celery leaves in water to make them stand up. This step of freshness is omitted

Step 2
Cool the oil in a hot pot. When it is warm, cut in red pepper and pepper seeds. Fry the fragrance over a low heat until the pepper color becomes darker. Turn off the fire and let it cool for standby

Step 3
Boil a small pot with water, drop a few drops of vegetable oil, take in celery leaves and blanch

Step 4
Take it into a cold water basin to cool it

Step 5
Peel garlic, pat flat and chop into minced garlic

Step 6
Once the celery leaves are in the water, don't be too dry. Put them on the vegetable board and cut them into three sections

Step 7
Put the celery leaves into a basin, add the fried pepper and oil, add minced garlic, rice vinegar, salt, sesame oil and chicken powder

Step 8
Mix well and serve