As long as the five colors of food are absorbed into each meal, the five elements can grow together to reconcile the five zang organs, so as to nourish the body’s function.


400g bubble black fungus
Carrot, oil, salt, white pepper, beer, sugar, sesame oil, aged vinegar.
2 millet peppers
Small root carrot
Half head garlic
2 parsley
Proper oil
1 tsp salt
1 tsp white pepper
4 tablespoons beer


Step 1
After soaking the dry black fungus, clean it. Tear it into small pieces, boil it in boiling water for about 5 minutes, put it into cold boiling water after cooking, and remove it after cooling

Step 2
Shredded carrot, chopped garlic, chopped chili

Step 3
The shredded carrots are also blanched and scalded for standby

Step 4
Wash the coriander and cut it into small pieces

Step 5
Put everything in the processed agaric and carrot, and tear the coriander into small pieces at will

Step 6
Pour oil into the pot, put the garlic and pepper sections down and explode until fragrant

Step 7
Then release the smoke, salt, sugar and white pepper, put some old vinegar, and turn off the fire after the fragrance comes out.

Step 8
Pour the seasoning in the pot into the fungus bowl, and then put our special material - 2 tablespoons of beer

Step 9
Stir well. Serve on a plate. Super fragrant