Beans, also known as cowpeas, are rich vegetables in summer, also known as long beans and belt beans. It contains various vitamins and minerals. Tender pods are fleshy, crispy and tender. They can also be cold mixed or pickled after scalding.


150g long beans
100g black fungus
20G garlic
15g aged vinegar
2 g salt
1g chicken essence
10g sesame oil


Step 1
Soak black fungus in advance, prepare washed beans and peeled garlic

Step 2
Cut the beans into sections, remove the roots of black fungus and wash

Step 3
Boil water in the pot, drop a few drops of edible oil, add beans and black fungus and blanch water. The blanching time should not be too long. The beans can be cooked thoroughly

Step 4
Remove too cold

Step 5
Mash garlic

Step 6
Control the water with fungus and beans, and add an appropriate amount of salt

Step 7
A little chicken essence

Step 8
Proper amount of aged vinegar

Step 9
Then put sesame oil

Step 10
Add mashed garlic

Step 11
Mix well and dish