Thank you very much for this activity held by gourmet Jie and SUPOR. After three seasons, they have entered the current semi-finals. I am very excited. Since I participated in the activity, my cooking skills have been constantly improving. In particular, Supor kitchen appliances are really sharp tools in the kitchen, which are indispensable and greatly convenient for daily life.


Among 8 chicken wings
220 mL coke
3 ginger slices
10ml soy sauce
1 octagonal


Step 1
Cut the middle back of the wing twice, blanch it all over the hot water and take it out

Step 2
Add chicken wings into the non stick pan and fry over low heat until the surface of chicken wings is burnt yellow

Step 3
Add soy sauce, coke, ginger slices and star anise into the pot, cover and stew

Step 4
When the chicken wings are ripe and the soup becomes less, open the cover and put out the fire to collect the soup

Step 5
Sweet and attractive