Speaking of summer, the most representative ones should be “melons”, melons and vegetables of various fruits, which dominate the hot season of summer. Most of the similarities of melons are that the water content is relatively large, eating cool, reducing fire and diuresis. Among vegetables, I think “cucumber” is the most representative in summer, whether it is cold or with a moderate amount of marinade. Crisp and delicious, but also relieve the greasy feeling


1 cucumber
1 red pepper
4 garlic
2 tablespoons raw soy sauce
2 tbsp red oil
1 tablespoon aged vinegar
1 tsp chicken powder
A few drops of sesame oil
1 tsp fine granulated sugar
1g white pepper
4 pickled peppers
2 tbsp pickled pepper water
1g white sesame


Step 1
When buying cucumbers, buy the one that is relatively straight, but don't be too thick. Cucumber head and tail removed

Step 2
Place 2 chopsticks at the bottom. Do not cut it with a 45 degree oblique knife

Step 3
After cutting, turn over to the side not cut, and use a straight knife to cut it vertically. Pull it apart and you can see a beautiful shape

Step 4
Pull the cucumber to the plate

Step 5
Chop red pepper and garlic. You can have more according to your favorite flavor

Step 6
Then put all the other seasonings into the preparation and stir

Step 7
Finally, pour the prepared sauce on the cucumber and marinate it for a while

Step 8
Then a delicious coir raincoat cucumber is ready. It's stylish and delicious. It's worth trying.