Biscuits soaked with coffee aroma expand in low temperature and fully absorb the wine smell of rum.


3 eggs
100g light cream
Finger biscuits
40g white granulated sugar
50ml coffee wine
10g cocoa powder
250g cheese


Step 1
Beat the light cream until seven and distribute it. Refrigerate it and set aside.

Step 2
Beat 3 egg whites to six and distribute them for standby.

Step 3
Add 40g white granulated sugar to 3 egg yolks and beat in hot water until the color becomes lighter.

Step 4
Add the cheese softened in advance to the egg yolk paste and stir evenly with a scraper.

Step 5
Add 1|3 protein into the mixture and stir evenly, then pour the mixture into the remaining protein and stir evenly.

Step 6
Add chilled whipped cream and stir until smooth.

Step 7
Spread coffee wine on both sides of finger biscuits in a glass bowl, pour a layer of cheese paste and sprinkle cocoa powder evenly.

Step 8
Repeat step 7, cover and refrigerate for more than four hours.