Son loves double cooked pork! Every time my grandmother cooked it for him at home. I don’t like this dish very much, because the oil splashed too much when frying meat Too It’s horrible! Like countless firecrackers in the pot, the frying oil will come out at any time. Grandma has been back home for half a year, and her son hasn’t eaten twice cooked meat for a long time For the mother’s ruthlessness, hard work! For the time being, I’ll give up my “beauty in prosperous times” and make you a double cooked meat!


A piece of pork with skin
A handful of garlic sprouts
A small amount of peanut oil
Half a spoonful of cuckoo City Pixian bean paste
A little raw
A little old smoke
A handful of Douchi
A little minced ginger and garlic


Step 1
Online orders, meat from the supermarket. For making double cooked pork, the meat is a little narrow and can't cut out large pieces. Let's just do it for the time being

Step 2
Wash the meat and cook it in boiling water for half an hour. Poke it through the pig skin with chopsticks. It means that it is cooked. Pick it up, let it cool and slice it. Don't cut the meat too thin. It's about two or three millimeters thick. Wash the garlic sprouts, remove the head and cut them into sections, about three or four centimeters. Don't cut them too long. It's easy for children to get stuck in their throat.

Step 3
A large collection of spices. As an authentic Sichuan person, the most delicious food I have ever eaten is this brand of Pixian bean paste - Cuckoo city brand. Those who want to cook Sichuan food must recognize it.

Step 4
Pour oil into the hot pot, just a little, really just a little. Take up the pan and rotate it to ensure that this oil has completely moistened the whole cooking part of the pan. This oil is just to prevent streaky pork from sticking to the pot. Don't pour too much oil, because streaky pork will produce a lot of oil in the later stage. A lot of oil.

Step 5
Next, it's the most thrilling time. Fried meat. Because streaky pork is cooked, it contains a lot of water, and the fat part of streaky pork will produce a lot of oil. Therefore, it can be imagined that frying meat and boiling oil is equivalent to putting a small amount of water in the oil pan. That is, frying and exploding... But this step can't be saved. Otherwise, your double cooked pork will be very greasy Like to eat fat when I didn't say. get down to business. Put the meat into the pot and stir fry it over medium low heat to observe the change of the meat. When the fat part begins to turn slightly yellow, and a small half pot of lard miraculously appears in the pot, it means that the meat is good. Switch to low fire. Start the next step

Step 6
Pull the meat aside with a shovel, add the oil boiled from the bottom of the pot to the minced ginger and garlic and half a teaspoon of bean paste. Because it's for children, I put very little bean paste. If you like spicy, you can put more. Turn the fire into medium fire and stir fry the ingredients. The bean paste must be fried, otherwise it won't taste good.

Step 7
Deep fry the ginger, garlic and bean paste until it is slightly dry and fragrant. Then put a handful of Douchi and stir fry the ingredients. Douchi and Douban sauce are the soul of double cooked pork. Don't forget.

Step 8
Open the fire, and then stir fry the meat and ingredients together. Stir fry the meat a little and add the seasoning. Because Douchi was added, the meat and oil in the pot looked a little dirty and not very good-looking. But we're here to eat, aren't we? It's just delicious. Whatever.

Step 9
Mix well and pour in garlic seedlings. Stir fry. Because bean paste, soy sauce, raw soy sauce and Douchi have been added before, there is no need to add salt now. The taste is enough.

Step 10
Stir fry until the garlic sprouts break, about a minute. This is easy to cook. Start the pot. Plate. Eat.