Spicy flavor is one of the commonly used flavor types in Sichuan cuisine. It has the characteristics of strong spicy, salty, fresh and fragrant.
It is mainly made of pepper, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence and other condiments. White sugar, Douchi, fermented glutinous rice, pepper, sesame oil, red oil and other condiments can also be added according to the flavor of the dishes. Pepper and prickly ash can also be replaced by products such as chili sauce, chili oil and prickly ash oil.


300g beef
100g garlic sprouts
2 celery
1 handful of green onion, ginger and garlic
1 handful of dried pepper
1 small handful of pepper
150g lettuce tip
50g bean paste
50g hot pot ingredients


Step 1
Take beef fillet, remove fascia, change knife and slice, one yuan * * * thickness

Step 2
Add salt, cooking wine, pepper, oil consumption, water, egg white, soy sauce and cornflour, and grasp them evenly and stick them. Then take the oil and mix well, so that the oil can disperse.

Step 3
One kilogram of beef is about 32 water. Add water two to three times

Step 4
Prepare garlic sprouts, parsley, lettuce tip and Sichuan cuisine. These vegetables have a special flavor and the finished dish has a special flavor. In the north, there are usually soybean sprouts and small rape.

Step 5
Heat the oil in a wok, stir fry the dried pepper and pepper until fragrant, stir fry the vegetables until they are eight mature, and pour them into a bowl to bottom.

Step 6
Heat the oil in a wok, the oil temperature is 50% hot (150 ℃), and slip the meat slices

Step 7
Pour out for standby

Step 8
Heat the oil, add ginger, garlic, rice, watercress and hot pot ingredients

Step 9
Stir fried powder

Step 10
Add chili noodles to add flavor and color

Step 11
Add water inside. If possible, add some fresh soup

Step 12
Pour in the beef. The amount of water is just less than that of beef. Then add chicken essence and sugar to taste. Color the soy sauce, thicken it, and add a little pepper oil from the pot

Step 13
The thicken should not be too thick or too clear, which is slightly thinner than that of yogurt

Step 14
Sprinkle pepper noodles on the first layer, sea pepper noodles on the pepper noodles, garlic rice on the sea pepper noodles, and then pour oil and green onion.

Step 15
Spicy, salty and delicious

Step 16
If you like, pay attention and learn to do it. Thank you