Many friends have heard that taro has rich nutritional value. For example, it is rich in dietary fiber, which can effectively moisten the intestines and relieve constipation; And it also contains a variety of mineral components and proteins, especially high fluoride content, which is particularly beneficial to the protection of teeth; In addition, often eat taro can help digestion, spleen and stomach, and so on.


8 taros
Right amount of minced pepper sauce
About 5 grams of sugar
About 5g oyster sauce


Step 1
Let's start with taro peeling. As mentioned above, if taro is peeled by hand, it will itch because of the stimulation of alkaloids. Therefore, Chao PA always peels taro by wearing gloves every time, which can completely avoid the risk of itching. Some netizens have also introduced a method to brush the taro skin clean, put it in boiling water for two minutes, and then peel it. This method is relatively troublesome, but it is also very reliableļ¼ˆ In case of hand itching, many methods have been introduced on the Internet to relieve it, such as bubbling vinegar, or "baking" on the fire. You can search by yourself.)

Step 2
Taro is not steamed immediately after peeling. Here, please take a careful look at Chao PA's experience: first boil some boiling water, then put the taro in the pot and boil it for 7-8 minutes, then take out the taro, and put it in the steaming pan.

Step 3
Another important link is coming. Don't worry. Many friends pour chopped peppers on taro and start steaming. No, take a closer look at the picture below. Stir fry the chopped peppers and steam them again. The taste will be wonderful several times.