It’s crispy and delicious.


5 rape seeds
5 cloved garlic
Appropriate amount of salt
1g chicken essence
50g salad oil
Appropriate amount of water


Step 1
Put water and 20 grams of salt in the pot. Put the green vegetables (Shanghai green) into the pot after boiling. Pick up the water within 1 minute after boiling and cool it in cool water. Put some salt in the water to ensure the color of the green vegetables

Step 2
Cut the cooked vegetables in half with a knife (as shown in the picture)

Step 3
Put the oil in the pot. After the oil is completely hot, stir fry the rape and garlic for 1 minute (the garlic is better to put the garlic cloves flattened with a knife). Put the salt and chicken essence before starting the pot (Note: the fire must be big, and the stir fry speed must be fast)

Step 4
Garlic is best in the loading plate clip out, or not good-looking

Step 5
You can decorate it with a flower. It's better