My father likes meat best. Every time I go home, my father will make meat for me, stewed chicken, original lamb chops, sauce beef Too many. My favorite is braised meat. Dad’s braised meat Q plays soft glutinous. Even the lean meat is ready to melt in the mouth. I’ll wipe the sweat first, ha ha ha! Today, I made braised pork. Thank my father for passing on the powerful food gene to me!


Right amount of streaky pork
1 green onion
2 fragrant leaves
Proper cooking wine
1 ginger
2 garlic
3-lobed octagonal
Proper cinnamon
Moderate old smoke
Proper amount of salt
Proper peanut oil
Proper raw extract


Step 1
Family photo, sliced pork, other materials as shown in the figure

Step 2
Put streaky pork in cold water, bring to a boil, skim off the foam and take out the meat. Don't cross the cold water

Step 3
Put a small amount of oil in the pot, heat the oil, put rock sugar in it, boil it over low heat, and be sure to reduce the heat

Step 4
Melt all the rock sugar, boil until the color turns brownish red, and then you can eat the meat. Be sure to boil sugar color over a low fire. If you don't master it well, you'd rather not boil it in place than burn it. The essence of braised meat is in this step

Step 5
When the sugar is ready, add streaky pork, fry until the meat is wrapped in sugar, add onion and garlic, and then add water

Step 6
When adding water, you must add hot water. Add twice the amount of water to the meat, and then put ginger, seasoning, fragrant leaves, cinnamon, cooking wine, a small spoonful of old soy sauce and a small spoonful of raw soy sauce into the pot. Cook over high heat for 10 minutes, and then turn to low heat to stew for about 1 hour. When stewing for 30 minutes, add thirteen spices and salt, and then stew until there is a small amount of soup