In Chongqing, it’s customary to call pig’s large intestine fat intestines. It sounds greasy, but as long as it’s handled well, it won’t be greasy at all.


1 plate of pig large intestine
1 teaspoon salt
1 piece of ginger
Two star anise
A handful of Chinese prickly ash
1 teaspoon cooking wine
A handful of red pepper
1 tsp sugar
A handful of fragrant leaves
Proper amount of vegetable oil
2 shallots


Step 1
The fat intestines turn out the inner wall of the intestines to remove the dirt and grease on the wall of the intestines

Step 2
Then turn it over, put it into a larger container, pour vinegar and salt into it, mix it, knead it back, wash the mucus off the intestines, and finally wash the large intestine with running water until it is clean

Step 3
Put the washed sausage into the pot, add water, ginger slices, cooking wine and cooking wine

Step 4
Bring to a boil over high heat, remove the froth from the flour, cook the sausage over medium low heat and remove to cool

Step 5
Cut garlic into slices, cut pepper into sections and remove seeds

Step 6
Cut the cooled sausage into hob pieces

Step 7
Heat up the wok and add the oil. Heat up the oil and then add the garlic slices and pepper sections

Step 8
Add pepper and stir fry

Step 9
Stir fry over low heat until discolored, pour into the large intestine, add sugar and salt, continue to stir fry until the seasoning is absorbed by the sausage, and then put into the pan