Chongqing is a city full of delicious food. Because the whole city is surrounded by the Yangtze River and Jialing River, which forms a humid and muggy environment, Chongqing people prefer spicy and appetizing food, especially spicy hot pot, which can force moisture out of the body, so that it has developed into a representative food of Chongqing. No matter in summer or winter, Chongqing people like to sweat around hot pot, There is not enough spicy hot pot. In a farmyard in Geleshan town, Chongqing, a mountain city, spicy chicken has been created all over the country. Looking for the dry and delicious chicken pieces in the fragrant peppers is just like looking for insects in the grass.


400g chicken
150g hot pepper
10 g hot pepper noodles
20 g pepper
Appropriate amount of ginger slices
Appropriate amount of green onion
Peanuts in moderation
Proper amount of white sesame
Appropriate amount of garlic


Step 1
Materials are: half chicken, hot pepper segment, hot pepper noodles, garlic, ginger, green onion, peanuts, pepper, white sesame

Step 2
Cut 3 slices of ginger and garlic in half

Step 3
Cut the chicken into small pieces (the pieces should be cut smaller, so that the fried chicken will be dry and fragrant)

Step 4
Cut the chicken, add salt, chicken essence and cooking wine

Step 5
Add soy sauce

Step 6
Then mix up the flavor for 10 minutes

Step 7
Pour oil into the pan and heat it to 60%. Deep fry a few pieces until fragrant and golden

Step 8
Then remove and drain the oil

Step 9
Wash the pan, add oil, add ginger and garlic, stir until fragrant

Step 10
Then add pepper section, pepper, stir fry a small fire fragrance, into the chicken

Step 11
Then add a little salt, chicken essence and sugar, pour in peanuts, chili noodles and stir fry over low heat. After stir frying, add scallion, white sesame and pour in sesame oil