These Chipotle Chickpea Tacos are everything you want in a taco – meaty, spicy, smoky and a freaking flavor bomb! Five ingredients, ready in less than 15 minutes, and absolutely delicious.


1 15 ounce can low-sodium chickpeas
2 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce or tamari
1 1/2 teaspoons chipotle chili powder
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
6 corn tortillas


Step 1
Heat nonstick skillet over medium to medium high heat.

Step 2
While pan is heating, drain and rinse chickpeas.

Step 3
Once the pan is ready, add chickpeas and cook for about a minute.

Step 4
Add remaining ingredients making sure to mix well to cover chickpeas. Cook until moisture has disappeared from the pan, usually a couple minutes.

Step 5
Divide the chickpeas between 3 tacos, top as desired and serve. My favorite is just guacamole and cilantro.

Step 6
Top with guacamole and cilantro. Enjoy!