Chinese toon cake egg roll


Toona sinensis
Fragrant Rice
purple rice
snow pea
Spring bamboo shoots


Step 1
Wash sausages and spring bamboo shoots, cut them into small pieces, fish them out with flying water, scald Chinese toon, fish them out and cut them into pieces for standby.

Step 2
Wash the fragrant rice, add diced sausages, sweet beans and spring bamboo shoots, steam the rice for about 20 minutes, and steam the scallion in a small bowl for 20 minutes.

Step 3
Add water to flour and flour. When mixing flour, add Chinese toon powder. Roll it between the two to make a thin pastry. Bake it in a pan for about 30 seconds to form a pancake.

Step 4
Fry the eggs slowly over low heat until dry. Sprinkle the roasted toon skin with scrambled eggs, roll them up, and squeeze them on top with tomato sauce.

Step 5
Pour the cooked rice into a small bowl, buckle it on the plate, and add crushed dry Beth.

Step 6
Put the rice on one side, put the Toon cake roll egg on the other side, and add the asparagus tip flying over the water to decorate.