Like to eat shrimp dumplings, but prefer to eat shrimp dumpling skin.


100g shrimp
20G lean meat
75g Chengfen
30g corn starch
2 g salt
3 G cooking wine
5g lard
3 grams of minced ginger
A little pepper
A few drops of fish sauce (or chicken powder)
75 g hot water
30g pig fat


Step 1
Heat 75g water, pour in wheat flour and stir until no dry powder is sticky. Turn off the fire

Step 2
Add corn starch, knead into a ball, add lard, knead until smooth without cracks, cover with plastic film, lie for 30 minutes, then divide into 10 small parts and roll round

Step 3
First, freeze the shrimp for more than 1 hour, then peel the shell directly, cut the back with a knife and take out the shrimp thread

Step 4
Take 10 shrimps, cut the first third of the head, the rest of the shrimps chopped

Step 5
Add the prepared pork fat and lean meat into the shrimps. Screw in 3 g of ginger, pour in 2 drops of wine, 1.5 g of salt, a little pepper and fish sauce

Step 6
Mix well and let stand for 20 minutes

Step 7
Mix 10 prawns with 2 drops of wine and 0.5g salt

Step 8
Oil on the back of the knife, oil on the table top with preservative film, flat and clear dough (I don't know how to do it, it's thicker)

Step 9
Shrimp dumplings are difficult to make. My method is to gently pinch the two sides and then fold them a little bit