I don’t like the general Cantonese. I must eat rice every meal. I can mainly eat pasta every meal. Bread, steamed buns and dumplings are my favorite food. Dumplings are delicious. Every time I eat them, I will eat too much. Meat will grow on me, ha ha! In the past, skin was bought out of the box. Since I had been eating delicious food, I like to do everything by myself. I like this feeling. From bread to skin, fillings are all made by myself. Watching my family eat happily, I am more satisfied and happy than anything else.


200g pork
35g Auricularia auricula
200g flour
1 egg
2 teaspoons soy sauce
2 g salt
1 g pepper
3 g Sugar
2 tbsp chopped pepper sauce
1 green onion
3 garlic


Step 1
First cut up the pork;

Step 2
Pour in chopped agaric and mix well;

Step 3
Add appropriate amount of pepper, salt and sugar to mix well;

Step 4
Add appropriate amount of soy sauce and stir evenly;

Step 5
Take out the dumpling skin;

Step 6
Take the skin of dumpling and put some stuffing in the middle;

Step 7
According to their favorite pinch method, pinch well;

Step 8
Boil water in the pot, add dumplings, boil, add a large bowl of water, wait for boiling again, float;

Step 9
Add chopped garlic and green onion to the bowl;

Step 10
Add appropriate amount of chopped pepper;

Step 11
Add proper amount of soy sauce and mix well;

Step 12
Pour the soy sauce on the dumplings and mix well (you can also order dumplings).