Chinese cabbage rolls


Chinese cabbage
garden radish
monosodium glutamate


Step 1
Shuifa mushroom. Cut carrots and cucumbers and peel them out

Step 2
Pleurotus ostreatus

Step 3
Shredded carrot

Step 4
Peel the cucumber

Step 5
Peeled cucumber

Step 6
Peeled cucumber

Step 7
Boil hot water in the pot, put the cabbage leaves into the pot, take them out and soak them in cold boiled water.

Step 8
Add mushrooms and shredded carrots and blanch them. Take out and soak in cold boiled water. Put cabbage leaves and carrot shreds together with seasoning, put mushroom and cucumber skin together with seasoning. Drain the water for use.

Step 9
Put shredded carrots on the cabbage leaves and roll them up

Step 10
A good look

Step 11
Cut the cabbage with a knife

Step 12
Put the mushroom on the cucumber skin

Step 13
The cucumber rolls look good