Cantonese seem to have no soup. They love to cook all kinds of soup. One of my favorite is chicken with pork tripe. Pork tripe chicken is a famous dish in Guangdong. It has a better name – “Phoenix reincarnation”. Outside the restaurant is basically cut into small pieces of pork tripe and chicken cooked together, can not be called pork tripe package chicken ah. So I decided to do it at home. Especially with the casserole, it’s more convenient to make pork tripe and chicken. The method is very simple, and the taste is very fragrant. This is the soup that you will want to drink for the second time after drinking once. This time, the Kunbo casserole has excellent heat preservation. When the soup is put in the casserole, it is warm even in cold winter. Mom doesn’t have to worry that I don’t have any soup anymore.


1 pork tripe
1 chicken
How many slices of ginger
Right amount of white pepper
A few red dates
Right amount of wolfberry
Right amount of sea cucumber
Moderate salt
Right amount of white pepper


Step 1
Get all the raw materials ready. After the pork tripe is washed, rub the front and back sides with flour and salt, then continue to rinse, and then blanch in water.

Step 2
After washing the chicken, cut it into pieces and blanch it in the water.

Step 3
Put the chicken, white pepper and ginger into the pork belly.

Step 4
Fill up the whole pork belly.

Step 5
Put the pork tripe into the casserole, add water, about no more than the pork tripe, electric pottery furnace start the largest gear, the fire boil.

Step 6
Bring to a boil, add ginger, red dates, medlar and sea cucumber, turn to low heat and cook for 1.5 hours.

Step 7
Pick up the cooked pork tripe, cool it, cut it with a knife, take out the chicken, and cut the pork tripe into pieces.

Step 8
Put the pork tripe and chicken pieces back into the casserole and continue to cook for half an hour.

Step 9
Add salt and white pepper to taste. The delicious pork tripe with chicken is ready.

Step 10
It's cold. A bowl of pork tripe soup will warm your heart and stomach.