Chicken wings are the most tender and smooth meat in the whole chicken. Both adults and children love it. No matter which way they cook, they are not tired of eating. For its approach, everyone may have their own unique love. Do you like spicy chicken wings, roast or fry fragrant ones, and the quality of sweet taste is coke or sweet and sour?


400g chicken wings
3 pieces of fermented bean curd (red)
Half root scallion
20G chives
5g sugar
20ml cooking wine
20ml soy sauce
50ml water


Step 1
Food preparation

Step 2
Put the bean curd spoon in a bowl and crush it with a spoon

Step 3
Mix rotten milk with cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar and water and stir well

Step 4
Wash the chicken wings and draw a flower knife on the surface

Step 5
Marinate with cooking wine and soy sauce for 15 minutes

Step 6
Cut scallions and shallots into sections separately for standby

Step 7
Fry the marinated chicken wings until the surface is golden

Step 8
In another pot of hot oil, stir the scallions until fragrant, and then add chicken wings to stir fry for a moment

Step 9
Then pour the rotten milk into

Step 10
After boiling, change to medium low heat and simmer with a pot cover

Step 11
Until the soup is concentrated, stir fry a few times to prevent sticking to the pot