The method of sesame chicken wings is simple and fast. It doesn’t need to be stewed. It’s easy to master it in an electric rice cooker. It tastes very good and can be swept away when served.


400g chicken wings
10g Shajiang
3 G fragrant leaves
1 grass fruit
3 g star anise
3 G cinnamon
2 g licorice
4 g ginger
1 onion
1 tablespoon sesame oil
30g rock sugar
Half a bowl of soy sauce
20G wine
3 g salt
2 tablespoons of soy sauce


Step 1
Material Science

Step 2
Ginger slices

Step 3
Take an electric rice cooker and add chicken wings, ginger and scallion

Step 4
Add rock sugar, soy sauce, soy sauce and salt

Step 5
Add ginger, fragrant leaves, licorice, cinnamon and grass fruit

Step 6
Press any cooking button on the rice cooker (I pressed soup)

Step 7
Open the cover in 12 minutes

Step 8
Pour in yellow rice wine

Step 9
Soak chicken wings for 15 minutes

Step 10
Take out chicken wings and coat with sesame oil

Step 11
Chicken wings are ready to eat