It’s included in “the garden is full of spring”. The fresh chicken wings are full of the mellow flavor of red wine. I don’t know if the chicken wings with wine flavor make you intoxicated?


In chicken wings
red wine
Green onion


Step 1
Change the knife in chicken wings and pour in cooking wine

Step 2
Add soy sauce

Step 3
Add chicken essence and salt, grasp well

Step 4
Pour in red wine and marinate

Step 5
Shredded ginger and scallion

Step 6
Pour oil into the pot

Step 7
Stir fried shredded onion and ginger

Step 8
Add ketchup

Step 9
Pour in the chicken wings

Step 10
Stew in red wine with salt

Step 11
Pour in starch water, thicken, turn off heat and put on plate