The rice in this recipe comes from Hengda Xingan’s high-quality rice flower fragrance, Gongmi No. 1. The steamed rice is crystal clear, soft, waxy and smooth, especially suitable for the production of rice balls. Rice ball is a traditional food in Japan. The main ingredient is rice, and the main ingredients are fish fillets, shrimp, etc. Producers can add ingredients according to their preferences, or make rice balls of various styles according to their personal preferences.


1 measuring cup of rice
1.5 measuring cup water
(shrimp) 5 tempura
Proper amount of peas (fresh)
Half a carrot
12g white vinegar
6 g Sugar
2G salt


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients for the chicken tail shrimp rice ball

Step 2
Take a measuring cup of Hengda Xingan's high-quality rice flower fragrance and "Gongmi No. 1" and wash it

Step 3
Pour the washed rice into the pot, add 1.5 cups of water, and cook until the rice is mature

Step 4
Put the rice out and let it cool

Step 5
Cut half a carrot into dices and set aside

Step 6
Add less bottom oil in the pot and stir fry peas and carrots until mature

Step 7
Start making rice balls. If there is no sushi vinegar, you can mix white vinegar, sugar and salt into sushi vinegar in the ratio of 6:3:1

Step 8
Pour the rice into a large bowl, pour in sushi vinegar and stir well

Step 9
Pour in the fried peas and diced carrots and stir well

Step 10
Take the food gloves and put them on your hands. Put 1 tablespoon of rice in your hands. Add a shrimp. Wrap the shrimp with the rice. The shrimp tail is exposed and tight

Step 11
Make all the rice balls in turn and set the plate